Solace in Solitude

by PSD

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2nd EP from PSD!!


released July 29, 2014

Photo credit: Tristen Dewar
Artwork by Ethan Martin



all rights reserved


PSD Gainesville, Florida

Peyt Spencer Dewar, also known as PSD, is an emcee who attends the University of Florida as a computer science major. He is a versatile artist who produces his own beats on which he raps, understanding the fluid and dynamic mechanics of sound that allows for the creation of unique instrumentals. His producing skills reflect an exceptional style of rapping which makes for phenomenal sets at events. ... more

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Track Name: Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (PSD Cover)
1st verse:
Always wrong even when I'm right
But I'mma keep it movin' cuz I ain't gonna fight
Thinkin' outside the box, like openin' a present
If I'm alone at the top, so be it, I am legend
Greatness in my denim, genius like I'm Lennon
Me and beats go together like sugar, water, and lemons
So I make the best drinks always on a guest list
Breath mints, for your ears, audio refreshments
Am I trippin' for having a vision
Then I might be on vacation what about havin ambition
Too many rappers and so-called musicians
Why do I rap? For anyone who would rather listen
Tryin' to reach heights only a select few see
When the fans come and support they expect unique
Between you and me, I'm not that insane
Just in my own lane like an SUV

2nd verse:
I don't follow many rules, still obey the law
Whatever i write somebody gonna say I'm wrong
And that's fine, I might as well play along
It's probably the same guy wonderin' how to make a song
Slow and steady, ever since my birth I was ready
And motivated, stains on my wet shirt cuz I'm sweaty
If I got it then I earned it
I'mma grind and keep workin' even when the purse gets heavy
You gonna learn today
Why you catch a glimpse and can't turn away
I could discern every single backstabber right now
from those who got my back like a vertebrae
Who don't like that word play
we feel pain at different levels but we hurt the same
Gotta sharp mind among bird brains
My legacy will be livin' up to my surname